Mission and Vision

As a church we are seeking to know God and make Him known in the community around us.


Knowing God

Jesus teaches us that God is not a distant deity but an intimate fFather who wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives. We are a group of people who want to know God's hand at work in our homes, workplaces and families so that we may experience the abundant life Jesus promised his followers. Part of that is growing in our relationship with Him, recognising that He loves us and wants to display that love by displaying His peace, grace and mercy in our lives.

Making Him Known

We are like anybody who has heard some good news, we want to tell people about it! We don't want to shove it down anybody's throat or try to act like we are better than anyone else, we just want to share the good news we have found in Jesus. So we run loads of events in and out of our building to display the goodness of God and invite people to be part of his family. If you want more info on what it is we believe check out our what is Christianity page.