Mission and Vision

Helping all people find their place in God's family and their purpose on God's mission


Helping all people

The invitation to know God is open to all. Through the saving work of Jesus Christ on the cross a way has been made for all people to become children of God. No matter what age, race, background, church or life experience, everyone is welcome to come and play their part in the family and mission of God at Hope Church Beaconsfield. We work hard to make sure that everyone feels welcome, and as valuable as anyone else, when they interact with us as a church family. We long to build a vibrant community full of all different types of people because we believe that best demonstrates God's family, and best honours Him.

Find their place in God's family

When someone finds faith in Jesus, they find their place in God's family - The Church. Together we support, love and care for one another. We commit to share our lives with one another, coming alongside each other in times of struggle, with emotional and physical support, and to celebrate in times of joy.

And their purpose on God's mission

Each person is uniquely created by God with their own passions, gifts and abilities that can be used on the mission to which God has called His church. We are here to build God's Kingdom in Beaconsfield and beyond by demonstrating and proclaiming His love in every area of our lives. As we take our place in this mission we discover we are more effective together, we each play our own essential part and within it we find the purpose and meaning we have always longed for!